Corporate Partnerships

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Case School of Engineering works with companies around the corner and across the globe on all facets of engineering collaborations, from research to talent recruitment to branding and philanthropic opportunities.

We work closely with Case Western Reserve University’s Office of Corporate Relations to create a customized, flexible arrangement tailored to the specific needs of companies and institutes.

Collaborative Research

local, national and international industry and government partners

The engineering school’s more than 120 faculty conduct leading-edge research that seeks to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems—from restoring movement to those who have been paralyzed to refining decision-making around municipal water supplies to creating the right storage solutions for renewable energy sources. Whatever your R&D goals, we’re happy to explore how our researchers and facilities might help advance your greatest challenges, whether that be a one-time use of specialized equipment or an immersive corporate experiences on campus. Start a conversation with the university’s Corporate Relations office now.

Philanthropy and Brand Visibility

Whether you’re looking to boost your brand by sponsoring an event on campus, endow a professorship in relevant research or help the next generation of experts through scholarships, we’ve got myriad ways to help you tackle industry issues while making an impact on education and research. Learn more about ways to invest in both your company and our campus.

Talent Recruitment

Looking to tap into the next-generation of engineering leaders? We know the value of pipeline development for our industry partners, while also providing unique and valuable experiences to our students. Introducing young engineering and technical talent into your company can bring fresh perspectives to your challenges, while also allowing opportunities to brand your company with future prospective employees. Our bright and talented students are eager to learn and contribute to your organization in meaningful ways.

Our portfolio of talent recruitment options includes:

Employment Opportunities: Case Western Reserve engineering students provide an exceptional pool of talent for companies to consider for employment while helping to tackle important challenges. Co-ops let you bring innovative student thinkers with solid foundational engineering skills into your company for a six-month period. Internships are another flexible choice for student employment, and our Master of Engineering and Management students allow you to bring in Commercialization Associates to take on a variety of your projects.

Projects: Collaborations on specific projects can link up one of your technical challenges to a classroom full of engineering minds ready to focus on finding fresh solutions. If you’ve got a complex technical challenge, our highly qualified senior students can focus on developing answers as their capstone project. Master of Engineering and Management students are also available to help tackle workplace concerns at the intersection of engineering and business.

Plant Tours: Bring our students to your facility to allow them to see the ins and outs of your industry and get them interested in future opportunities there.

Shadowing: Students can spend time learning about the daily life inside your industry—giving them a chance to explore career opportunities while getting excited about your company culture.

Speaking Engagements: Bring your leadership into our classroom and tell us about the real-world challenges in engineering sectors and how your company is advancing with technology. Or serve on an industry panel or facilitate a workshop to engage with our students in myriad ways.

Sears think[box] Collaborations: Bring your company into our world-class more-than-a-makerspace innovation center to interact with students and brainstorm in our creative space. From quick tours to design-challenge projects to embedding your engineering team in our innovation center, you’ll find that this 50,000-square-foot inventor’s paradise and all its accompanying resources can bring real value to your company.

Event Sponsorship and Advertising: Post your job opportunities across various campus publications or sponsor an on-campus event to engage likeminded students in an activity that interests your brand. Help sponsor an existing event, or bring a new tradition to campus.

Our talent recruitment team will work with you to develop the best ways to link up your needs and goals with our opportunities. Contact one of our team members today to start a conversation.


Meet our talent recruitment team: